Dying Fetus - Killing on Adrenaline (1998)

Woy woy woy...selamat pagi dunia yang penuh sengsara...hahahaa Mmm.. Pagey ney gue dengerin 1 album full ato 8 lagu dari dying fetus tahun 1998 (baca:killing on adrenaline), biar gak ngantok geto....heheheee Ada 8 Lagu di album ini....... Download aja guys, hear the craziness here
Track list :
1. Killing on Adrenaline
2. Procreate the Malformed
3. Fornication Terrorists
4. We Are Your Enemy
5. Kill Your Mother / Rape Your Dog
6. Absolute Defiance
7. Judgement Day (Integrity cover)
8. Intentional Manslaughter

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