Letter to Mars

To : Alien in Mars

Subject : I don’t know

Haii Gregorious, how are you??? I hope that you are well, like me.. Greetings from the Earth guys.. Would you play here with me someday??? I hope you can.. Here i am, sit on my balcony, want to tell you something.. Of course about my planet, Earth..

Earth, i live here since sixteen years ago, I was born on 9 March 1993.. Yeah, that’s my birthday.. Nothing special here now, I mean on Earth.. So much criminally here, hate increases, war in every path of my World.. We (creature on Earth) can’t be saved for long time, we can only wait the Lord take our soul keep.. Nation attack another nation in the World in so many way.. From economical path, destroy the cultural of the country, till killing the people by War.. Still hear my story???

So much painful here, seems no peacefull.. Global warming can’t be handled again.. Science fight with religion.. There’s different idea between them.. The weather can’t be supposed again, very hot at noon, and feel so cold at night.. What about the weather in your planet??? You know, the south pole melting and will make a huge disaster.. The doom is cooming soon, inside our cry, inside our tears.. Would you help us here???

Nobody ever told you??? It’ll happen to us guys.. Earthquake, tsunami, or many kind of disaster happen quickly.. Kill the innocent people in my World.. The storm was getting closer, and the waves they get so high.. But everything, every memories I’ve ever known’s here.. I never wanted it to die...

Well, that’s my letter.. I hope you like it guys.. By the way, how about Mars??? Any interesting place right there??? How about your live??? Reply my message guys.. Thanks!!! ^_^


Wildchild on Earth

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